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Ben Chatwin 'Knots' by Zak Emerson

Zak Emerson has created a fascinatingly visceral video for electronica artist Ben Chatwin, using photography in such a stylised way it starts to resemble CGI. In fact, what we are watching is largely in-camera: a human figure that is largely hidden by the viscous liquid that covers them.

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Kwaye 'What Have You Done' by Femi Ladi

Directed by Femi Ladi, Kwaye uses choreography as a means of expression and healing, touching on the artist's own feelings of self-discovery.

This performance piece is far from the solemnity the actual song might suggest. Bold in colour and expressive in movement, the cinematography beautifully captures Kwaye's mesmerising movements as he is immersed in his own world of thoughts.

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Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons 'Heart Of Sky' by Jessy Moussallem

Jessy Moussallem has written and directed a new film for songs from electronic artist Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons' new album Heart Of Sky, which opens up a little-known world - the farming communities that cultivate and harvest Lebanese Red hashish in the Bekaa valley, between the mountains of eastern Lebanon - and plays in the spaces between documentary and fiction.

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